because you sigh, i touch you and then I die

On Jos

Hair: [taketomi]_Tama_Blacks
Tattoo: Speakeasy Metric Tattoo @Epiphany EXCLUSIVE
Bracelet: MINIMAL - Aurka Bracelet Black @TMD
Jeans: ..S..: Buster Rip Denim - Med 


Glamrus . Out Of Mind @100 block


Soy. Telephone [Red]
..::THOR::.. Newspaper @Cosmopolitan
..::THOR::.. Metal Drawers @Cosmopolitan
..::THOR::.. DIY Fruit Boxes Table @Cosmopolitan
11- Frayed Knot House Red (decor) @Cosmopolitan
13- Frayed Knot House Pink (decor) @Cosmopolitan
12- Frayed Knot House Pink (decor) @Cosmopolitan
..::THOR::.. Poe Tales Book @Cosmopolitan
5- Frayed Knot Statue @Cosmopolitan
..::THOR::.. Vintage Car Magazine @Cosmopolitan
..::THOR::.. Pen Holder Mug @Cosmopolitan
..::THOR::.. Carroll Tales Book @Cosmopolitan
6- Frayed Knot Radio @Cosmopolitan
2- Frayed Knot Plasma TV RARE @Cosmopolitan
..::THOR::.. Vintage Stool 5 @Cosmopolitan
..::THOR::.. Vintage Stool 2 @Cosmopolitan
..::THOR::.. Vintage Stool 3 @Cosmopolitan
..::THOR::.. Vintage Stool 7 @Cosmopolitan
..::THOR::.. Bowl Sign @Cosmopolitan
..::THOR::.. Magazine Holder @Cosmopolitan
14- Frayed Knot Rug @Cosmopolitan

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