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See you later

A few years ago I started this blog, maybe the photos were not the best, but there was a desire to learn, to want to take this dream forward, to contribute something of what I knew, at that time there were not as many blogs as today, and There were very few male blogs, and that was the point, to give my small contribution, how well did I do it? I do not know... that answer is yours ... In a certain way the blog grew and I got you to follow me, I have no words to describe how immensely grateful I am, for every like, for every favorite, for every word that encouraged my work...and also for every sponsor I was getting day by day... unfortunately, all this takes time, time that years ago could have and that today is impossible for me... impossible because I would like to enter sl and feel that I rest after a day of work, but it is not like that, I go to sl, to continue fulfilling, to not be wrong... with some sponsors that I still have... all these things... took me to take the decisi

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