Don't get too close

On Jos
Hair:[INK] Hair___ZEUS Hair ::Black
Necklace: AZOURY - Necklace Cel [Male] @MOM
Tattoo: { Speakeasy } Armor Sleeve TMP@LUCK OF THE IRISH!
Jeans: INVICTUS - Rock Jeans   - Black @MOM


Frayed Knot Wood Peacock Sunlonger RARE @Cosmopolitan
GOOSE - barrel of wood
Frayed Knot Wood table @Cosmopolitan
Frayed Knot Wood Puff @Cosmopolitan
Frayed knot Wall Guitar @Cosmopolitan
Frayed Knot Spade @Cosmopolitan
Frayed Knot Wood Twigs 1 @Cosmopolitan
Frayed Knot Wood Twigs 2 @Cosmopolitan
Frayed Knot  Wood Peacock Chair @Cosmopolitan 
Frayed Knot Lucky sign @Cosmopolitan
Frayed Knot Rifle 1 @Cosmopolitan
Frayed Knot Rifle 2 @Cosmopolitan
GOOSE - stove
Frayed Knot Wood shower RARE @Cosmopolitan
Frayed Knot  bucket @Cosmopolitan
Frayed Knot  clay Vase 1 @Cosmopolitan
Frayed Knot  clay Vase 2 @Cosmopolitan
HAIKEI: I'm Old Fashioned GACHA / RARE @Kustom9

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